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Bob Seger & Silver Bullet Band- Nine Tonight 7-1

When Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band compiled the live double album of concert performances found on Nine Tonight, there was no bigger American name dominating both the album and hit charts, as well as at the box office. But they never had it handed to them. Bob Seger earned it every step of the way, and as you will hear in my classic rock interviews beginning July 1, there were a whole lotta steps.

Don Henley- The End of the Innocence 35th Anniversary 6-24

It's the 35th anniversary of June 1989's "The End of the Innocence", and Don Henley talks at length about multiple masterpieces "The Last Worthless Evening", "New York Minute","If Dirt Were Dollars,"Heart of the Matter", and "The End of the Innocence" here In the Studio the week of June 24.

John Mellencamp- Big Daddy 35th Anniversary 6-17

John Mellencamp joins me In the Studio for an unfiltered conversation about the songs "Pop Singer", the despairing "Jackie Brown", the Reagan Era pithy "Country Gentleman", and the terrific B-side cover of "Seventh Son" all to mark the thirty-fifth anniversary of 1989's "Big Daddy" next Monday.