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Aerosmith- Rocks 45th Anniversary- Joe, Steven, Tom, Brad, Joey 5-3

If "Toys in the Attic"  a year earlier had been the definitive mid-Seventies   American hard rock statement, then Aerosmith "Rocks" in May 1976  made it musically imperative with "Back in the Saddle", "Sick as a Dog", the clever sequel to "Toys..." with "Rats in the Cellar", and another infectious Steven Tyler/Joe Perry hit, "Last Child". The whole band weighs in on the  forty-fifth anniversary of this diamond-hard classic the week of May 3.

AC/DC- High Voltage 45th Anniversary- Angus Young 4-26

The saga about who and how "High Voltage" by AC/DC came to be released spans three continents, more than twenty thousand miles, an immigrant family's legacy, heroes and villains, fate and dumb luck, and countless dreams. AC/DC's lead guitarist Angus Young is my guest, with priceless memories from the In the Studio archive by the late AC/DC rhythm guitarist/ riffmaster Malcolm Young, on the forty-fifth anniversary of "High Voltage" here the week of April 26.

Billy Squier- Don’t Say No 40th Anniversary 4-19

Billy Squier released his second post-Piper solo album in April 1981 entitled "Don't Say No"...We found lots of huge hooks and a massive produced sound on "In the Dark","The Stroke", the singalong chorus "My Kinda Lover", and "Lonely is the Night". Billy Squier joins me here In the Studio  the week of April 19 for the fortieth anniversary.

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band- Live Bullet 45th Anniversary 4-12

There are  some popular myths and fascinating trivia about "Live Bullet"  and Bob Seger joins me here In the Studio  the week of April 12 to debunk the former and enlighten us on the latter, while ripping through "Travelin' Man/ Beautiful Loser","Ramblin' Gamblin' Man","Katmandu","Lookin' Back","Get Out of Denver", and the definitive road song for the ages,"Turn the Page".

Sting- Dream of the Blue Turtles 35th Anniversary 5-18

Sting is my guest here In the Studio  for "The Dream of the Blue Turtles" classic rock interview on its thirty-fifth anniversary the week of May 18. -Redbeard

Who- Live at Leeds 50th Anniversary- Pete Townshend 5-11

The Who Live at Leeds  may have been the first live album I ever bought, but it's safe to say that it has  since remained a benchmark with which to compare a half century of live performance pretenders to the throne of anything demonstrably better.