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Creedence Clearwater Revival- Cosmo’s Factory 50th- John Fogerty 7-27

A veritable Creedence Clearwater Revival greatest hits package all on its own, "Cosmo's Factory"  contains the SIX Top Five hits "Travelin' Band","Who'll Stop the Rain","Up Around the Bend","Run Through the Jungle","Lookin' Out My Back Door", and "Long as I Can See the Light". John Fogerty is my guest here In the Studio  the week of July 27 for the auspicious occasion of "Cosmo's..."  fiftieth.

James Gang- Rides Again 50th Anniversary- Joe Walsh 7-20

May I be so presumptuous to assume that it's been years, maybe decades even, since you sat down and actually listened to The James Gang 1970 second album, Rides Again  ? Sure, you know "Funk #49" backwards and forwards, and you know Joe Walsh graduated to great guest Joe Walsh, In the Studio on the fiftieth anniversary of The James Gang Rides Again  here the week of July 20.

ACDC- Back in Black 40th Anniversary- Angus Young, Brian Johnson 7-13

Back in Black , the most popular rock album in history on its fortieth anniversary, and we have two of the key  blokes who made it, Angus Young and Brian Johnson of AC/DC, here In the Studio  to tell the fascinating story the week of July 13!

Heart- Heart ’85- Ann and Nancy Wilson- 7-6

Heart in 1985  reinvented for the MTV Eighties with "If Looks Could Kill","What About Love","Never","These Dreams", and "Nothing at All". Wow. Nancy Wilson and singing sistuh Ann Wilson join me here In the Studio  on the thirty-fifth anniversary of Heart  the week of July 6.

Sting- Dream of the Blue Turtles 35th Anniversary 5-18

Sting is my guest here In the Studio  for "The Dream of the Blue Turtles" classic rock interview on its thirty-fifth anniversary the week of May 18. -Redbeard

Who- Live at Leeds 50th Anniversary- Pete Townshend 5-11

The Who Live at Leeds  may have been the first live album I ever bought, but it's safe to say that it has  since remained a benchmark with which to compare a half century of live performance pretenders to the throne of anything demonstrably better.