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Led Zeppelin IV 50th Anniversary- Jimmy Page, Robert Plant 11-1

A veritable "best of" collection unto itself, Led Zeppelin's fourth album in three years contains such musical pillars as "Black Dog", "Going to California","When the Levee Breaks", "Rock and Roll", and one more whose title escapes me. Something about a "stairwell" or "staircase" or some such...Led Zeppelin mastermind Jimmy Page and singer/ lyricist Robert Plant are my guests as we mark the golden anniversary of Led Zeppelin IV  here In the Studio  the week of November 1st.

Pink Floyd- Meddle 50th Anniversary 10-25

October 971's album "Meddle"  by Pink Floyd  is certainly not the most famous of their Seventies output, but nevertheless it is a formative album for icons "Dark Side of the Moon", "Wish You Were Here", "Animals", and "The Wall, which makes "Meddle"  one of Progressive Rock's most important releases fifty years ago. David Gilmour, Nick Mason, and Roger Waters are my guests here In the Studio  for eyewitness accounts from the front lines of rock history the week of October 25.

J Geils Band- Freeze Frame 40th Anniversary- Peter Wolf 10-18

J Geils Band on 1981's "Freeze Frame" included "Flamethrower","Centerfold","Angel in Blue", and "Freeze Frame", it's just one of America's most potent bands in new shoes. The ever-quotable kinetic J Geils Band lead singer Peter Wolf is my guest for the fortieth anniversary of Freeze Frame  the week of October 18.

Kansas- Leftoverture 45th Anniversary 10-11

For the forty-fifth anniversary of the fourth Kansas album," Leftoverture" , we assembled guitarist/songwriter Kerry Livgren, drummer Phil Ehart, guitarist Richard Williams, and original lead singer/keyboard player Steve Walsh. The songs they discuss include "What's on My Mind"," the perennial "Miracles Out of Nowhere", the epic "Cheyenne Anthem", the spiritual longing of "The Wall", and the last-minute game changer "Carry On Wayward Son" the week of October 11.