In The Studio Archives: Medium Rare


Rare musician interviews by Redbeard not part of the weekly radio series .

Gary Wright-The Dream Weaver 40th Anniversary

When it comes to technical innovation in the history of recorded music, certain names top any serious list: Thomas Edison (invented the recorder and phonograph 1878 ); Leo Fender (electric guitar ); Les Paul ( multi-track recording ); Ray Dolby (noise reduction ); Robert Moog (the synthesizer ). But as Beatles producer George...
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David Lee Roth-Best Of

To quote David Lee Roth himself in this lengthy 1991 conversation,”You can’t stand what he says but you LOVE the way he says it!” Gregarious, colorfully verbose, but surprisingly not prolific as a songwriter, Roth cranked out a number of pop-metal ditties after saying “sayonara” to the biggest American hard rock band Van...
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George Thorogood & the Delaware Destroyers

I have interviewed literally hundreds of the greatest rock musicians , but George Thorogood is the only one who told me that he was planning to be a professional comedian , not a musician . And at the time of this 1978 second release Move It on Over , George actually delayed his...
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Blues Brothers John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd-June 1979

I would wager that imitators of the Blues Brothers, blues harp-blowing Elwood Blues and his singing hand-standing brother Joliet Jake, are second in number only to Elvis impersonators ever since Briefcase Full of Blues topped the US sales chart in 1978, selling over two million copies. And like Presley impersonators, there have been...
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Todd Rundgren: From “Runt” to “Global”

Normally we start out each edition of In The Studio with a musical collage made up of the most popular musical highlights from a band or musician’s career, but in Todd Rundgren‘s instance the high points from merely one of his solo albums, Something/ Anything, would run three minutes long. So now that...
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Jethro Tull-Minstrel in the Gallery 40th Anniversary Deluxe-Ian Anderson

The  40th anniversary “La Grande” edition of Jethro Tull‘s Minstrel in the Gallery gets the knees up full Monty treatment from Porcupine Tree remixer/ surround sound savant Steven Wilson, with a whopping four disc  expanded set including multiple stereo mixes, 5.1  and quadraphonic too, plus a complete live 1975 Paris concert from the...
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Lou Reed Rock Hall of Fame Induction

Lou Reed was one of the most formative interviews in my career precisely because his brutal honesty made it so challenging. I could not help but notice that, in his role as host/inteviewer on the cable television series Spectacle, Elvis Costello was literally star-struck when interviewing Lou Reed, who along with John Cale...
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Robert Plant-Nine Lives Best Of

Quite coincidentally, two of Robert Plant‘s post-Led Zeppelin solo albums, Spring 1985’s Shaken’n’Stirred and March 1990’s Manic Nirvana, are each marking significant anniversaries, so no better time to examine them via the impressive Nine Lives box set. It was Robert’s second solo album, 1983’s The Principle of Moments, which convinced us that Plant...
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