Rare musician interviews by Redbeard not part of the weekly radio series .


Loverboy- Get Lucky 35th Anniversary- Mike Reno, Paul Dean

In 1982, these Canadian rockers were the right band at the right time. Their debut early in 1981 suffered from an almost fatal album cover and virtually no promotion, but working late one night in  my ROCK 103 Memphis office, I found that first…

Traffic-Low Spark of High Heeled Boys 45th Anniversary-Steve Winwood, the late Jim Capaldi

Not always considered a Progressive Rock band, nevertheless the title song to Traffic's most popular album, November 1971's Low Spark of High Heeled Boys , fits easily high atop any list of the most popular and creative songs of the Progressive…

Medium Rare: Spirit "Best" with Jay Ferguson

Spirit was an interesting amalgam of opposites and contrasts which reflected many of the various musical styles informing late-1960s Southern California. Singer/songwriter Jay Ferguson, bass player Mark Andes, and keyboard player John Locke…

Jeff Healey 1966-2008

...(cont) every headline before and since the cancer-related 2008 premature death of blues-rock phenomenon Jeff Healey has included the qualifier "blind guitarist", as if Healey's mind-blowing facility and unique technique on the instrument,his more-than-competent rich vocals,his uncanny choice of material,and Jeff's wicked ultra-dry sense of humor were less defining of the man than his inability to read the drive-through menu at Taco Bell...(more)

Simple Minds- Celebrate the Greatest Hits pt2- Jim Kerr

By 1995 there was a real question whether Scottish band Simple Minds, led by Charlie Burchill and Jim Kerr, could remain relevant in a third decade. In the conclusion of my 2013 interview with Kerr, he reveals just how close they came to packing it in at a time when American Grunge grew so dominant without a keyboard in sight.

Steppenwolf- Gold- John Kay

The music business types who control the balloting for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have denied Steppenwolf induction,Yet mainstream rock fans would vote them in easily if only for pretty much single-handedly putting hard rock and its term "heavy metal thunder" onto American Top 40 radio...

Billy Squier Biggest"Don't Say No" Has Sad John Lennon Memory

...and I was thinking about what it must be like to be John Lennon. That's the basis of my song "Nobody Knows", that ' nobody knows what it's like to be in my skin...",said Billy Squier. "Ironically and very sadly, the night John Lennon was killed we were recording that very song," Squier confides...

Badfinger- Straight Up 45th Anniversary- Joey Molland, the late Mike Gibbins

If the Big Star story warrants box sets and a documentary film, then the saga of Badfinger surely deserves a full-blown mini-series. Maybe the appearance of Badfinger's hit "Baby Blue"from the brilliant December 1971 "Straight Up" album in the finale of the hit cable series "Breaking Bad" generated enough buzz to get their tragicomic story into development...

Jackson Browne- The Pretender 40th Anniversary

The critical rave reviews for Browne's fourth effort, 1976's The Pretender, were still coming in for the acclaimed Southern California singer/ songwriter when Jackson found himself to be a new first-time dad, a suddenly single parent, and a widower from the suicide of his first wife...

Eddie Money- Can't Hold Back 30th Anniversary

Eddie Money's sojourn with his most popular album Can't Hold Back took him from the top of the charts thirty years ago with "Take Me Home Tonight" back to the hospital where his drug overdose six years earlier had paralyzed his leg. "The first time I heard 'Take Me Home Tonight' on the radio I was doing the dishes in rehab," Eddie tells us incredulously. "I said to myself, 'What's wrong with this picture?' "