In The Studio Archives: Classic Rock Interview


These are the interviews from the most recent editions of the weekly national radio broadcast of In The Studio .

Black Sabbath-Vol 4- 40th anniversary

The world into which the Birmingham England band Black Sabbath quickly rose to popularity with their second album, Paranoid, in 1970 felt increasingly like a dangerous place. It seemed that time was marked and policy formulated by a seemingly endless stream of violent acts including assassinations, bombings, race riots, the slaughter of college...
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John Mellencamp-Lonesome Jubilee 25th anniversary

How do you follow up a brilliant blue collar rural manifesto like John Mellencamp‘s 1985 Scarecrow ? By taking the sound farther afield (pun intended) like Mellencamp did in Fall 1987 on the multi-million seller The Lonesome Jubilee . On New Years Eve 1985 I had been invited to John Mellencamp’s private family...
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Moody Blues-Seventh Sojourn 40th anniversary

Along with Jethro Tull‘s #1 seller Thick As a Brick and Close to the Edge by YES, #3 in the U.S., the third jewel in 1972’s triple crown of progressive rock, Seventh Sojourn, comes from the Moody Blues. Rock historians are quick to point out that, with the Beatles two years gone, the...
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AC/DC-Back in Black

Angus Young may have been chosen early on to be the focal point of AC/DC , but big brother Malcolm has always been the heart and soul of this band , becoming even more so after the death of Bon Scott in 1980 ...(more)...
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Jackson Browne-Running On Empty 35th anniversary

In 1977, highly-acclaimed Southern California singer/songwriter Jackson Browne found himself to be a new dad, a suddenly single parent, and a widower following the suicide of his wife. Conventional wisdom would assume that any one of those three challenges alone could require  an entertainer to put his or her career on hold indefinitely...
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George Harrison-Cloud Nine 25th anniversary

To borrow from the Rob Reiner/Billy Crystal/Meg Ryan hit movie of the day When Harry Met Sally, George Harrison’s Cloud Nine comeback album twenty-five years ago could alternately be titled “When Harri(son) Met Lynne”. By 1987, Jeff Lynne had ceased to make neo-Beatles-influenced music with Electric Light Orchestra, while Harrison simply had stopped...
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Rush-Signals 30th anniversary

In the current Volkswagen television commercial in North America, the driver sitting stopped at an intersection does some spirited “air drumming” while the Rush song “Fly By Night” plays over the car sound system…complete with a simulated Neil Peart toss & catch of the invisible drumstick into the air! It’s so funny because...
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Jethro Tull-Thick As a Brick 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Unquestionably and uniquely in a category all its own, Jethro Tull‘s 1972 epic Thick As a Brick is the only album in music history to attain #1 sales on Billboard containing only one song, albeit 43 minutes long! And as you will hear from my guest, composer/singer/flautist Ian Anderson, Thick As a Brick‘s...
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Queen-News of the World 35th anniversary

With the release of November 1977’s News of the World , Queen had succeeded as four real “mates” on an international scale, which  would continue only to increase for the next decade . With four writers, the band had a surplus of strong songs, while Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury possessed such an operatic...
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