In The Studio Archives: Classic Rock Interview


These are the interviews from the most recent editions of the weekly national radio broadcast of In The Studio .

Rod Stewart-Time-the Redbeard Interview

Blame Buddy Holly, Bob Dylan, and the Beatles. Before them, Artist and Repertoire execs at a record company chose a songwriter’s tune, then matched it with a separate singer or vocal group in hopes of making a hit (sorry to break it to you, but Elvis did not write the songs. But I...
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Cars-The Cars 35th anniversary-Ric Ocasek

“We made that first record in twelve days,” says The Cars‘ driving force Ric Ocasek in this In the Studio classic rock interview. What is even more remarkable is that The Cars would accelerate from regional Boston appeal in May 1978, to parked on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine by the following...
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Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band-Stranger in Town 35th anniversary

Bob Seger is the guy you would want as your next door neighbor or your brother-in-law. You know, to talk over the backyard fence about crabgrass, & whether the Detroit Tigers are going to have a good year in baseball, and whether to sell the Harley now that your mandatory eyeglasses interfere with...
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Aerosmith-Get a Grip 20th anniversary-Steven,Joe,Tom,Brad,Joey

 “Livin’ on the Edge”, “Cryin'”,”Eat the Rich”, “Fever”,”Line Up”,”Amazing”, “Deuces Are Wild” bonus track…any wonder that this is Aerosmith‘s biggest-selling album worldwide at over twenty million copies? The entire band sat down with me In the Studio to get a handle on Get a Grip at the twenty year mark. Boston Strong for...
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Rush-Sector 1-Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart-Hall of Fame induction

Rush has recorded and released twenty studio albums ( and additionally  about half that many as live albums and DVDs) , selling an estimated forty million copies worldwide in a four decade recording career. So you see our obvious dilemma in choosing just one album, or even just one era to feature, as...
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Heart-Dreamboat Annie-Little Queen-Dog and Butterfly

The album which proved beyond any doubt that Heart‘s 1976 Cinderella story debut, Dreamboat Annie, had a second act was  1977’s Little Queen. Lead singer/lyricist Ann Wilson is joined In the Studio by guitarist/singer Nancy Wilson for the innocent “Magic Man” and “Crazy on You” from the 1976 first release; dramatic stories behind...
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Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Moon 40th anniversary-Waters Gilmour Mason Wright

To illustrate how seriously many of the post-British Invasion bands were approaching the rock idiom by April 1973, you need look no further than Pink Floyd‘s Dark Side of the Moon to see how this “progressive “ rock movement had matured  with spectacular results, both artistically and commercially, confirmed by my guests David...
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David Bowie-Let’s Dance 30th anniversary

David Bowie‘s first new album in almost a decade, The Next Day, kept completely under wraps ever since his 2004 heart attack while on tour in Germany, dropped without any notice a short time ago and the reaction has been unequivocally and universally positive. Remarkably free from artifice or trend, The Next Day...
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