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Don Henley- Building the Perfect Beast 35th Anniversary 12-9

Don Henley‘s November 1984 solo album Building the Perfect Beast   was so stacked with hits  such as “The Boys of Summer“,”All She Wants to Do is Dance“, and “Sunset Grill“,  was so wildly popular ( #13 Billboard  album chart with  over 3,000,000 sold in the first year), and widely celebrated ( a Grammy, four MTV […]

SHOWCO- Angus Wynne pt 1

The origin story from the last man standing: Dallas impresario Angus Wynne III, who met the late Jack Calmese in a made-for-Hollywood setting, a record store listening booth. Angus brilliantly coined the name, and together they incorporated Showco in 1965 as a talent booking company. Part one of two.

Limelight- Rush- Dallas Soundcheck 11-28-12

If you have ever wondered exactly how an arena-filling band like Rush dials in their live sound, here’s a listen to their actual soundcheck at Dallas’ American Airlines Center hours before they opened the doors for their November 2012 “Clockwork Angels Tour” concert there. Since this performance was strictly for the benefit of their front-of-house […]


Rolling Stones- Let It Bleed 50th Anniversary- Mick Taylor, Bill Wyman

So very many impressions immediately come to mind, and conflicting emotions of great joy, admiration, as well as terrible dread compete, when referencing the Rolling Stones‘ November 1969 masterpiece Let It Bleed .  And that goes double for the Stones themselves who made the landmark recording, including poker-faced original bass player Bill Wyman and then […]