Robin Trower- Lady Love- May 29, 1974- Sausalito, CA

Fifty years ago this week the band and the man Robin Trower were in the San Francisco Bay area, just a few weeks into promoting their second album, Bridge of Sighs. Over at Bay Area progressive rock radio station KSAN-FM, Program Director Tom Donahue was innovating by linking special broadcast-quality telephone lines from their studio to the nearby state-of-the-art recording studio, The Record Plant, and inviting major-label bands to perform live in front of a small audience. Robin Trower’s performance and broadcast were so impressive, and resultant sales of Bridge of Sighs so successful after, that the template soon was replicated  by leading rock radio stations, national syndicators, and record labels for decades.

This version of “Lady Love” is part of the whole live broadcast set included on the Robin Trower deluxe expanded fiftieth anniversary edition of Bridge of Sighs. –Redbeard