Queensryche- Promised Land- Chris DeGarmo, Geoff Tate

While the mainstream rock music world in the second half of the Eighties was enamored with  U2, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and a plethora of Pop Metal bands, the Seattle-area band Queensryche was fusing the best elements of hard rock with progressive rock, so that by the time of their  third release, 1988’s Operation Mindcrime ,  their fanbase had outgrown cult status and the rock writers were taking note. Then came Empire , an album apparently only Queensryche themselves knew they could make, a virtually flawless rock album that a Rush fan, a Pink Floyd fan, and a freaking Journey fan could all love. In Fall 1994 patient Queensryche fans were rewarded after four long years with the spectacularly successful Empire‘s  followup, Promised Land , containing “I Am I” and the tender-yet-tough farewell song “The Bridge“, which founding guitarist Chris DeGarmo penned to his dad who died during the recording. Promised Land  became Queensryche’s fastest seller ever and moved over a million units. We will also include the stunning “Real World” soundtrack-only song as former members DeGarmo and lead singer Geoff Tate host here. – Redbeard