Boston- Third Stage 35th- Tom Scholz 9-20

By September 1986 when "Third Stage" by Boston ignited, many of us had thought that we would never see it lift off, its creative fuel siphoned off by a protracted injunction and lawsuit brought against bandleader Tom Scholz by his very own record company. Scholz is my guest the week of 9/20 to lay out in great detail this modern-day David vs Goliath battle which fundamentally changed the music business.

Genesis- Invisible Touch 35th Anniversary- Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks, Phil Collins

Concerts are coming back just in time for the 35th anniversary of Genesis' biggest album in their long fifty year+ career, Invisible Touch  (worldwide sales estimated at 15,000,000), so we convene Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks, and Phil Collins here In the Studio  to discuss the blockbuster sales behind "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight", "Land of Confusion", "In Too Deep", "Throwing It All Away", and "Invisible Touch".