Traffic- Mr. Fantasy anniversary- Steve Winwood 11-28

Steve Winwood and the late Jim Capaldi here In the Studio on the anniversary of the 1967 debut by England's Traffic, "Mr. Fantasy", the week of November 28. -Redbeard

Traffic- Mr Fantasy- Steve Winwood,the late Jim Capaldi

Traffic albums "Mr Fantasy",  "Traffic",   and "John Barleycorn Must Die", the latter marking its 50th anniversary,  included former Spencer Davis Group teen prodigy singer/organist/guitarist Steve Winwood, reed man Chris Wood, and drummer Jim Capaldi. Guitarist/singer Dave Mason, a former Spencer Davis roadie, shared a talent for  melody with the other three on the first two Traffic albums, but little else personality-wise, and was cut loose for the second and final time before the second album hit store shelves.