Metallica- Black Album 30th Anniversary- James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett 8-2

In August 1991 Metallica drove a tractor-trailor truck loaded with musical dynamite through the breach and detonated "Metallica" , known affectionately as "The Black Album", obliterating all obstacles to heavy metal infusing the mainstream with "Enter Sandman", "Nothing Else Matters","The Unforgiven", "Sad but True",and "Wherever I May Roam". Metallica's guitar duo James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett join me In the Studio  on "The Black Album" 30th anniversary 8/2.

Tom Petty- Into the Great Wide Open 30th Anniversary

My interview with the late Tom Petty thirty years ago, two significant events informed the songwriting on 1991's "Into the Great Wide Open" , Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' first post-Traveling Wilburys/ "Full Moon Fever"   effort with his own band.

Queensryche- Empire 30th Anniversary- Geoff Tate, Chris DeGarmo

Queensryche co-founder/ composer/ guitarist Chris DeGarmo and former singer/ songwriter Geoff Tate may be gone now ( the former pilots corporate jets, the latter heads the band Operation Mindcrime ), but they tell the story of the blockbuster four million-seller Empire and the amazing songs “Best I Can”, “Jet City Woman”,”Della Brown”,” Resistance”,”Hand on Heart”, even a live performance from London’s Hammersmith Odeon just weeks after Empire’s 1990 release.