Toto- Rosanna- Dallas 1993


The band Toto led by guitarist Steve Lukather and keyboardist David Paich has commenced a co-headlining tour with YES, featuring their international hits “Hold the Line”, “Africa”, “Rosanna”, “I’ll Be Over You”, “99”, and “I Won’t Hold You Back”…certified in the award pictured below backstage at New York City’s Barclay Center to total 40,000,000 worldwide sales!  Toto always performs with some of music’s finest players including drummer Simon Phillips;  Paich and Steve Porcaro on keyboards; the amazing singer/bass player Nathan East; Joe Williams, Mabvuto Carpenter, and Jenny Douglas-McRae on vocals. Here’s Lukather and company totally live and mostly acoustic on my radio show in 1993 in a Dallas Mexican restaurant. That’s not a typo! –Redbeard




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