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Who- Quadrophenia pt 2- Pete Townshend 10-22

The conclusion of my in-depth conversation with Pete Townshend, the composer of the controversial, challenging, cinematic, at times breathtaking 1973 epic Quadrophenia  by The Who on its  45th anniversary. –Redbeard


The Who- Quadrophenia 45th Anniversary pt 1- Pete Townshend 10-15

It was  a challenge to many US fans in 1973 precisely because it was so incredibly authentic to the English post-War experience in the same way West Side Story was the New York City version of the same period. Composer Pete Townshend of The Who joins me here In the Studio  for the first part […]


Pete Townshend-Face the Face

The mid-Eighties was a most difficult time for the titans of rock’s Second Generation. The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and The Who were no longer recording, touring, and in some cases even SPEAKING together. Rock’n’roll was officially in full-blown midlife crisis …


The Who-Who’s Next-Pete Townshend

year of Brexit and US presidential politics that resemble a Mexican soap opera, my guest Pete Townshend reveals great insights into the ageless musical triumph on Who’s Next, including the songs “Baba O’Riley”,”Bargain”,”Going Mobile”,”Behind Blue Eyes”,”Getting in Tune”, and “Won’t Get Fooled Again”…


Pete Townshend “Truancy: the Very Best of”- Pete Townshend

The release of Pete Townshend‘s solo album Empty Glass 35 years ago was quite the media event, for a number of reasons. First, his new New York City-based label then was thrilled to get The Who‘s genius songwriter after coveting the iconic group for many years, so much so that they erroneously promoted Empty Glass […]


The Who-Tommy pt 2- Pete Townshend

There are precious few albums made in 1969 of which you can, to this day, marvel at the sonic ear candy in the singing and playing, but it is safe to say that Tommy   by The Who has never sounded better in its current deluxe and super deluxe collector editions. Complete with additional Pete […]


The Who-Tommy pt 1- Pete Townshend

Like peeling back layer after layer of an onion, the many stages of The Who‘s Tommy  conception, gestation, and birth as the first successful rock opera are further revealed, it seems, every time Tommy composer Pete Townshend cleans out a storage closet. Additional demos and even a complete 1969 London Wembley arena performance of the […]