Black Crowes- Remedy- Oklahoma City 5-10-95

In a colorful career that has spanned over thirty years now, and no strangers to controversy because of the outspoken opinions of lead singer Chris Robinson, the Black Crowes’ finest hour may have been their benefit performance for the shell-shocked innocent citizens of Oklahoma City following the worst terrorist attack in the US prior to 9/11 there on April 19, 1995 . Even in the shock and grief of the deaths of 168 American men, women, and children, and the maiming or injury of an additional 600+ there, Robinson showed more wisdom in his introduction of the Black Crowes song “Remedy” than many current hysterical politicians when he said,”A little less judgement and a little more tolerance: that alone is the only remedy…”.

Just think if our current crop of fearmongers were in charge then. Their solution? Apparently it would be to deport all American-born white male veterans of the US Army… which is precisely who OKC terrorist bomber mass murderer Timothy McVeigh was. –Redbeard