Jackson Browne- The Two of Me and You- Los Angeles 1994

In February 1994  I had the pleasure to interview Jackson Browne again  in a Los Angeles recording studio, so shortly before the session we asked his manager if Jackson would oblige us with an acoustic performance. “No, probably not, he’s totally anal retentive and obsessive about any performance being perfect,” was the reply from Donald “Buddha” Miller. “Plus he’s got another appointment after yours, so he can’t hang around. However,” the manager said with a chuckle,” it’s practically impossible for Jackson to walk by any piano, so maybe you’ll get lucky. You just never know.”

We got really lucky! True to form, Jackson could not resist a properly tuned baby grand that we positioned strategically between our interview spot and the door. Check out this In the Studio exclusive of “The Two of Me and You”, a thinly veiled breakup song written near the end of Jackson Browne’s tempestuous love affair with actress Daryl Hannah. – Redbeard