Beatles- White Album pt2- Paul McCartney

It’s the double-nickel anniversary of the White Album, and because three of the Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison were all recording separately yet simultaneously on songs that they had written independently in Summer 1968, the first Beatles album to come out on their own Apple Records label ironically was, in effect, the first Beatle solo albums.

In the conclusion of our detailed look at the Beatles’ November 22, 1968 double album release, the three of the individual band members, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison flex their creative muscles knowing full well that they have shifted the balance of power forever from the record company board room  into the control room of EMI’s Abbey Road studios, where even their loyal producer who worked for the label, the late Sir George Martin, reluctantly had no choice but to let them get on with it. Martin therefore had to deputize three young recording assistants Chris Thomas, Geoff Emerick, and later Ken Scott, all of whom would go on to Hall of Fame careers, no doubt inspired and anointed by the experience.

McCartney joins me In the Studio to explore the Beatles songs “Birthday”, Lennon’s “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except for Me and My Monkey”, Paul’s “Mother Nature’s Son”, one of three versions of “Revolution”, the campy pally band arrangement on “Honey Pie”, Lennon’s “Cry Baby Cry”, and the real inspiration behind the song which figured into the notorious Charles Manson multiple murder case,”Helter Skelter”. – Redbeard