Julian Lennon- Saltwater- Dallas 11-91

I remember clearly participating in the very first Earth Day in April 1970 and again the following year. It was an eye-opening experience for me and my fellow high school classmates as we literally walked the streets picking up so much litter and trash that we filled a large box truck from floor to ceiling. And that was from the “nice” side of town. Volunteer just one time to do that & you will look at pollution differently from then on.

John Lennon‘s eldest son Julian Lennon performed the “green” Earth Day eco-ballad “Saltwater”  acoustically Thanksgiving Eve November 1991 live on my Q102 radio show in a Far North Dallas pool hall with no stage, no proper monitors, and a stoicly hurting but consummately professional  Julian Lennon with an abscessed molar. –Redbeard

( photo at right: Patti Coghill)