Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band- Stranger in Town

While not completely copping to the charge by the late music writer Timothy White that the previously unknown success of Bob Seger‘s 1976 album Night Moves   was giving Bob “platinum paranoia”on the followup Stranger in Town, Seger did admit to me,”There were certain tracks that gave us fits. ‘Brave Strangers’ was one, actually. We recorded that particular song for eleven days in a row…We recorded one hundred sixty-eight takes of it. And we used take seven! (belly laughs)” 

Bob Seger is the guy you would want as your next door neighbor or your brother-in-law. You know, to talk over the backyard fence about crabgrass, & whether the Detroit Tigers are going to have a good year in baseball, and whether to sell the Harley now that your mandatory eyeglasses interfere with the face shield. Important stuff like that.  Seger followed up his breakthroughs Live Bullet   and Night Moves   with May 1978’s  Stranger in Town , which has sold over 7,000,000 copies because it contains seminal songs “Hollywood Nights”,”Old Time Rock and Roll”,”Still the Same”,”Feel Like a Number”,” ‘Til It Shines”, and “Brave Strangers“. It is that level of success, which continued into the Eighties with Against the Wind , which strikes fear into the heart of crabgrass wherever it grows. – Redbeard