Aerosmith- Get a Grip- Steven Tyler, Joe Perry,Tom Hamilton, Brad Whitford, Joey Kramer

“Livin’ on the Edge”, “Cryin'”,”Eat the Rich”, “Fever”,”Line Up”,”Amazing” …any wonder that Get a Grip  is Aerosmith’s biggest-selling album worldwide at over twenty million copies? The entire band sat down with me In the Studio to milk all the details behind Get a Grip  in a revealing classic rock interview with Aerosmith, an American treasure. 

Even after the 1989 record-setting success of Aerosmith Pump barely four years earlier, the song sources from which to choose for Get a Grip  were so plentiful and so strong for Aerosmith that even the 75 minute capacity of the compact disc could not hold them all. “Deuces Are Wild” ended up on The Beavis and Butthead Experience  soundtrack, while my personal favorite, “Head First”, has the highly significant distinction of being the first song by a major band to be distributed over the internet. “Head First” by Aerosmith was the first major band internet music download on June 27, 1994 to about ten thousand CompuServe subscribers, including Q102 Dallas/Ft. Worth, where it took us almost 24 hours to download less than four minutes of WAV file music back then! –Redbeard