Motley Crue- Dr Feelgood- Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Mick Mars

“Wow, so this is what it’s like to watch Monday Night Football without a spike in your arm?” recalls Motley Crue songwriter/ bass player Nikki Sixx about his initial experience with sobriety post-rehab. This was when he cocooned  from the “Terror in Tinseltown” debauchery for which Motley Crue had become notorious and used the re-entry into a clean and sober life to write the bulk of the songs which appeared on 1989’s Dr Feelgood.   The band’s preceding album Girls Girls Girls   had been Motley Crue’s top seller up until that time, peaking Top 5 sales with several million sold, so the bar of expectations was set exceedingly high for this followup.

Yet with the newly found clarity, the songs which Nikki Sixx composed and which singer Vince Neil, piledriver drummer Tommy Lee, and guitar monster Mick Mars  recorded including “Kickstart My Heart”,”Same Ol’ Situation”,”Without You”, and the groove thing “Dr Feelgood” blew every previous Motley Crue standard away, notching the #1 album in America with over six million sold. –Redbeard