Jimi Hendrix Live at Woodstock 8-18-69

I must admit that the remarkable current interest in the Woodstock Festival anniversary 50+ caught me unaware and flat-footed. Even though the original music festival’s final night was supposed to wrap up by the evening of August 17 back in Summer 1969, because of production delays and the notorious rainstorm, the Woodstock “headliner” and highest-paid performer reserved to close the show, Jimi Hendrix, ended up going on in the morning light of Monday, April 18 when many of the hundreds of thousands had left. Three who remained that day and participated in the legendary performance are my guests bass player Billy Cox, drummer Mitch Mitchell, and recording engineer Eddie Kramer who are joined here In the Studio  in these rare classic rock interviews by Hendrix biographer/ archive producer John McDermott.Redbeard