Moody Blues- Every Good Boy…50th- Justin Hayward, John Lodge, the late Graeme Edge

Unabashed Moody Blues partisan Bruce Eder, writing on , says of their July 1971 release Every Good Boy Deserves Favour  (quote), “The best-realized of their classic albums…for the last time with this lineup.” That is high praise indeed, seeing as EGBDF  was the Moodies’ seventh album in a string of commercially and critically popular efforts including Days of Future Passed , On the Threshold of a Dream , and A Question of Balance . Singer/ lead guitarist Justin Hayward, singer/ bass player John Lodge, and drummer/ band co-founder  Graeme Edge, who passed away in November 2021 at the age of 80, take the occasion of the golden anniversary of Every Good Boy Deserves Favour  to share, here In the Studio in  classic rock interviews, insights into some of the Moody Blues’ best of those early years, including “The Story in Your Eyes”, “Our Guessing Game“, and “Emily’s Song” from this #1 seller ( UK; #2 US). –Redbeard