Pat Benatar- Crimes of Passsion 40th- w/ Neil Geraldo 8-17

Pat Benatar and her second album, Crimes of Passion,  were big "hits" forty years ago, but her success and the ensuing scrutiny became so much more than mere popular music. The diminutive fiery singer is joined here In the Studio  with guitarist/ co-writer Neil Geraldo for real stories behind "Treat Me Right", "Hell is for Children", the rockin' Rascals cover "You Better Run", and the career haymaker "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" the week of August 18.

Pat Benatar- In the Heat of the Night

Pat Benatar for her debut In the Heat of the Night 40 years ago

Pat Benatar- Precious Time- Pat, Neil Giraldo

" It went platinum (1,000,000 sales ) in thirteen days," Pat Benatar states matter-of-factly while she and hubby/ musical director Neil Giraldo reminisce In the Studio about the explosive third album, Precious Time, as it headed rapidly to the top-selling perch in America in 1981...