Aerosmith 50th Anniversary- Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton 1-2-23

Everybody knows that "Dream On" from Boston quintet Aerosmith's self-titled debut has been one of the most famous classic rock songs since its release in January 1973. Except it simply isn't true. Matter of fact, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Brad Whitford, and Joey Kramer are here In the Studio to recall that "Dream On" was a flop then, and flopped AGAIN when it was released a second time! Aerosmith golden anniversary the week of 1/2/23.

Billy Joel- The Stranger 45th anniversary

Billy Joel is certainly not "The Stranger" to spectacular popularity, or the record books documenting same. And it's not as if Billy Joel had not been a prolific recording singer/songwriter or an infrequent touring musician prior to his fifth album, "The Stranger", in Fall 1977. But strangely his album sales were in a decidedly negative trend after "Piano Man". "The Stranger" changed all that, permanently. Billy Joel joins me In the Studio on the album's 45th anniversary.

Aerosmith- Aerosmith- Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton

This classic rock rock interview is such a treat because you hear Aerosmith founders Joe Perry, Steven Tyler, and Tom Hamilton In the Studio dreaming about days at Lake Sunapee NH before recording their 1973 debut.