Doobie Brothers- Hall of Fame pt1-Tom Johnston, Pat Simmons, John Hartman 10-31

Doobie Brothers, celebrating fifty years as one of America's most beloved bands, Stories from "lifers" Pat Simmons and Tom Johnston, plus both original drummers John Hartman and the late Mike Hossack. Hall of Fame special, part one, starts October 31.

Doobie Brothers- Stampede 45th Anniversary- Tom Johnston, Pat Simmons

The surprise success from "Black Water" afforded the Doobie Brothers some creative license on their next album, "Stampede",  released in April 1975. But as you will hear from Patrick Simmons, Tom Johnston, and the late Doobie drummer Mike Hossack, the non-stop grind of five years of one-nighters, stopping only long enough to record the next album, was starting to create stress fractures in the foundation of the band which  would sideline Tom Johnston with a bleeding ulcer and, ultimately, alter the sound of the Doobie Brothers for the next decade.

Rock Hall Redemption: Doobie Brothers !

Rock Hall Redemption: Doobie Brothers elected to Hall of Fame