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Preview upcoming interviews that will air in the weekly national radio broadcast of In The Studio

Metallica- Black Album 25th Anniversary- James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett 9-5

Metallica‘s 1991 Metallica “Black Album” has sold more copies in the last twenty-five years (16,000,000 ) than anything else in the world, and lead singer James Hetfield and lead guitarist Kirk Hammett return here In the Studio with me the week of September 5 to tell us why and how, framed by “Enter...
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Boston- Boston 40th Anniversary- Tom Scholz 8-29

It is without question one of the ultimate Cinderella stories in music of all time. When quietly released without any fanfare whatsoever forty years ago, the first album bearing the city name of Boston was the culmination of, for all  practical purposes, a seven year demo tape from the rented basement  full of...
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