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Steve Winwood- Back in the High Life 30th Anniversary 7-11

This entire solo album, by incredibly consistent singer/ songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist Steve Winwood, holds up extremely well as we approach a thirty year milestone because of superb musicianship, songwriting, and production on “The Finer Things”,”Freedom Overspill”,”Back in the High Life Again”,”Split Decision”, the soulful horn-punctuated “Take It as It Comes“, and the Grammy-winning “Higher...
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Foreigner 4- 35th Anniversary- Lou Gramm, Mick Jones 7-4

Even before Foreigner 4 debuted on the radio across North America on the July 4th holiday in 1981, Foreigner already had a string of three hit albums in just five years. But this was a whole ‘nuther kind of popular. Album of the Year popular, desert island disc essential stuff. 7,000,000 copies sold...
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Genesis- Abacab 35th, Invisible Touch 30th Anniversaries- Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks 6-27

Those Genesis boys making a big noise in Phil Collins‘ converted bedroom did some damage to the record books with Abacab in 1981(“Man on the Corner”,”No Reply at All“), followed five years later by the international mega-hit Invisible Touch which sold a staggering 15 million copies (“Tonight Tonight Tonight”,”Land of Confusion”,”In Too Deep”,”Invisible...
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Rod Stewart- Every Picture Tells a Story anniversary

Rod Stewart reminded me that when he first tried to transfer his dreams from singing on Brighton Beach to the halls of a London record company,”They didn’t like me clothes, me nose, or me hair”. After Rod’s third album Every Picture Tells a Story, suddenly Stewart was lookin’ real good because of worldwide...
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