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Black Sabbath- Paranoid with “Iron Man” Ozzy Osbourne 12-21

Nothing says “Happy holidays” louder than Black Sabbath‘s genre-forging heavy metal statement Paranoid! Sabbath’s original singer/ co-writer Ozzy Osbourne marks the occasion of the iconic album’s 1970 anniversary by hosting the charming, humble, often hilarious story behind their earliest days in Birmingham, England making“The Wizard”,”Black Sabbath”, “War Pigs”,”Paranoid”, and“Iron Man” while practically inventing...
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Rush- Power Windows 30th Anniversary- Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson 12-14

Rush is marking the 30th anniversary of 1985’s Power Windows with “The Big Money”,”Manhattan Project”,”Marathon”,  “Mystic Rhythms”; and we will add 1993’s terrific hard-rocking Counterparts sporting “Animate”,”Stick It Out”, and the emotionally powerful “Nobody’s Hero“. Rush’s Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson host this thoughtful conversation In the Studio the week of December 14....
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