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Preview upcoming interviews that will air in the weekly national radio broadcast of In The Studio

Journey- Escape 35th Anniversary- Steve Perry, Neal Schon, Jon Cain 6-13

Watching an eager, talented group that has worked tirelessly to play every theater, gymnasium, dirt-floored rodeo arena, and quonset hut go into superstar supernova is a thing to behold, and that is precisely what we witnessed in June 1981 when Journey‘s Escape album erupted to the #1 seller in America. Loaded with “Don’t...
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Peter Gabriel- So 30th Anniversary 5-30

When the rock critics who parse such things as musical innovation, vision,  and authenticity perfectly agree with mass popular taste, a remarkable thing happens, as Peter Gabriel found out everywhere at once in May 1986 with So : you become the saving grace of progressive rock music while simultaneously occupying the mainstream pop...
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Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band- Live Bullet 40th Anniversary 5-23

It is a snapshot of an all-American journeyman Motor City blue collar rocker and his band sitting like a fully loaded SaturnV moon rocket on the launch pad of superstardom less than a year from full power up into orbit with Night Moves . Many of the concert performances on Live Bullet would...
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