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Supertramp-Crime of the Century 40th Anniversary-Roger Hodgson 12-8

A lot of the popular music we revisit from our youth, while nostalgic, has the dated charm and limitations of an old black and white snapshot taken by a Brownie Instamatic camera . A smaller percentage of classic rock albums have aged surprisingly well, reflecting musical styles and lyrical themes that we still...
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Dire Straits-Making Movies/ Love Over Gold-Mark Knopfler 12-1

Who sold more compact discs in the world than anyone in the 1980s? It was Dire Straits, and their third and fourth albums Making Movies and Love Over Gold were big reasons why, containing “Skateaway”,”Espresso Love”,”Solid Rock”,”Industrial Disease“, and the epic “Telegraph Road”. Mark Knopfler joins me In the Studio the week of...
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Bryan Adams-Reckless 30th Anniversary 11-24

His fourth album plays like a greatest hits collection and is one of the Eighties’ defining efforts. Reckless by Bryan Adams is a most deserving album for the full deluxe expanded treatment including hit songs “Run to You”, “Somebody”,”Summer of ’69”, “One Night Love Affair”, the theme-song-better-than-the-movie “Heaven”, the fiery rocking duet with...
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Rolling Stones-Let It Bleed 45th Anniversary-Bill Wyman, Mick Taylor

In the Studio explores the 45th anniversary of one of rock’s iconic masterpieces,  Let It Bleed , with original bass player Bill Wyman and Brian Jones‘ replacement on lead guitar, Mick Taylor. Includes Taylor’s sober eyewitness first-hand account of the Rolling Stones‘ historic 1969 tour and notorious free concert at Altamont Raceway in...
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