James Taylor-Something in the Way She Moves- Dallas 8-93

 Truly one of the greatest honors I have ever received was to have James Taylor sing a song to me. Like millions of others, I came of age at the time that James debuted on U.S. radio with the stunning “Fire and Rain” in 1970, but this gem from the earliest JT canon actually pre-dates his breakthrough by about 18 months. Originally from Massachusetts, transplanted as a boy to Chapel Hill N.C., Taylor was the first musician signed to the Beatles’ Apple label. Peter Asher, half of the ’60s duo Peter and Gordon, signed Taylor to Apple after Asher (his sister Jane was Paul McCartney’s girlfriend) parlayed the connection into a job as head of A & R at the label. Peter Asher would later manage Taylor’s career and produce several of JT’s biggest sellers, including the December 1968 James Taylor album on which “Something in the Way She Moves” originally appeared. James-Taylor_40375-BTW_RGB

As for the title lyric of this song being exactly the same as George Harrison’s legendary Beatles contribution released on Apple Records 10 months after Taylor’s, let’s just say that James deferred to his Beatle boss’ pre-eminence at the time and wisely chose not to press the matter. That would have to wait a few years before Harrison would be sued ( and lose) for doing the same thing to the composer of The Chiffons’ “He’ So Fine” when writing “My Sweet Lord”.

By the way, I have been sending Taylor’s new one Before This World  to anyone who laments today’s music with the complaint that “no one makes good albums anymore where every song is good…”. Hands down JT’s new album is the one to beat for Grammy Album of the Year, and the smart money is not to bet against it! -Redbeard