Journey-Rock Hall pt 2 -Steve Perry, Neal Schon, John Cain

See Journey inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on HBO beginning April 29 at 8pm.

In the deepest part of Winter, February 1983, the San Francisco-based American juggernaut Journey released Frontiers amidst intense anticipation. The rock world knew that Journey’s preceding album, 1981’s Escape, had spawned three Top Ten hits on its way to #1 sales. Journey had already established itself as a tireless touring enterprise, a real “people’s band”, a perception validated when the national Gallup  Poll determined that the Bay Area quintet was voted America’s favorite band then. That fame in turn prompted the first computer video game named after a rock band. It was no surprise then when that success increased the demand to extend the already lengthy Escape tour, but what we outside the band’s inner circle had no way of knowing is that the extended time away from home was straining several marriages of Journey band members.

The skyrocketing album, merchandise,  and concert ticket sales were obvious, but  far less apparent were the exceedingly high musical standards to which any new Journey members, such as ex-Babys keyboard player/songwriter Jonathan Cain, would be held. Cain, band co-founder/guitarist Neal Schon, and former singer Steve Perry reveal considerable personal pathos during the Big Payday provided by “Don’t Stop Believin’ “,”Stone in Love”,”Who’s Crying Now”, and “Open Arms” from Escape  as well as “Separate Ways”, “Faithfully”, and two more Journey hits which were inexplicably bumped off of Frontiers, “Only the Young” and “Ask the Lonely”.- Redbeard