Dire Straits-Making Movies


With the Autumn 1978 release of their debut containing the worldwide hit “Sultans of Swing“, Dire Straits stood in stark contrast to the punk purge that otherwise was grabbing the rock world’s collective attention then. London-based Dire Straits was built around their songwriter/guitarist/singer Mark Knopfler who possessed a distinctive guitar sound that has remained immediately identifiable to this day. His lyrics were literary, often Dylanesque, delivered in a rich baritone voice neither elite nor effite, fitting for a busker street corner minstrel. Dire Straits’ follow up to their hit debut , 1979’s Communique, is an overlooked gem that satisfies today more than ever, but Communique did not contain the big hit in America that the band’s record company could exploit. As so often is the case, Dire Straits arrived at a crossroads for their third album, Making Movies . This classic rock interview with bandleader Mark Knopfler is part one of two. – Redbeard