ZZ Top-Rio Grande Mud anniversary- Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, Frank Beard

Forty-five years ago this month, ZZ Top released the much-improved second album "Rio Grande Mud", the vastly underrated follow-up...
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Jethro Tull-Thick As a Brick 45th Anniversary- Ian Anderson

Jethro Tull's 1972 epic "Thick As a Brick" is the only album in music history to attain #1 sales on Billboard containing only one song...

Black Crowes-Southern Harmony...25th Anniversary- Chris and Rich Robinson 5-15

This week In the Studio singer Chris Robinson, ex-Black Crowes co-founder with guitarist brother Rich Robinson, will ask the congregation to all rise and turn in your Southern Harmony and Musical Companion to hymn #25 to mark the anniversary…

Black Crowes Rock Against Terror- Oklahoma City 5-10-95

The Black Crowes' finest hour may have been their benefit performance for the shell-shocked innocent citizens of Oklahoma City following the worst terrorist attack in the US April 19,1995.
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Deep Purple- Machine Head 45th Anniversary- Ian Gillan, Roger Glover

Deep Purple's "Machine Head" album was made amidst a virtual minefield of misfortunes, any one of which had the potential to thwart the effort.

Heart- Little Queen 40th Anniversary- Ann and Nancy Wilson 5-8

My guests Nancy Wilson and big sister Ann Wilson reveal palace intrigue for Little Queen even as Heart was ascending the throne of one North America's hottest bands because of "Barracuda","Love Alive","Kick It Out", and the title song "Little Queen",

Julian Lennon- Saltwater- Dallas 11-91

John Lennon's eldest son Julian Lennon performed the Earth Day eco-ballad "Saltwater" acoustically Thanksgiving Eve November 1991 live on my radio show in a Far North Dallas pool hall with no stage , no proper monitors, and Jules with an abscessed molar .-Redbeard

Van Halen- Diver Down 35th Anniversary- Eddie & Alex Van Halen, Michael Anthony

Yet by 1982's "Diver Down" , Van Halen had become a series of contradictions , and are equaled only by Pink Floyd as the longest-running soap opera in rock ...(more)

J Geils Band Namesake Guitarist Dies at 71

NPR is reporting that guitarist John "J" Geils of the J Geils band passed away at age 71 in his Massachusetts home.

Whitesnake 1987- 30th Anniversary- David Coverale 5-1

The story of how David Coverdale snatched worldwide multi-platinum victory from the crushing jaws of defeat three decades ago with "Whitesnake '87" has all of the drama of a made-for-tv movie...