Park Two Classic Cars in Your Collection

The Cars drove straight to the top of the sales chart in Summer 1979 with the sophomore success of  Candy O , effectively shutting down any predictions of "one and done" success with their multi-million selling debut. Both Candy O and its…

Doors "Light My Fire" 50th Anniversary of #1

The top 10 list of rock game-changing debut albums is short but breathtaking. Among them : Are You Experienced? , Led Zeppelin 1 , Music from Big Pink , Ramones , Please Please Me , Never Mind the Bollocks ...(more)

INXS- Kick 30th Anniversary-Andrew Farriss, Kirk Pengilly 8-14

Massively popular around the world, in Kick   INXS  made an infectiously hooky, melodic masterpiece which sounds as kick-a** as it did thirty years ago with #1 "Need You Tonight", "Devil Inside", the white soul torch song "Never Tear Us Apart",…

Billy Idol 35th Anniversary

 There was no indication from his days fronting English punk band Generation X that Billy Idol ( christened William Broad ) would be the most successful, possibly the only, original London punk rocker to cross over to mainstream multimillion-selling…

Black Days: Soundgarden/Audioslave's Chris Cornell Would Be 53

Once-in-a-generation singer/ songwriter Chris Cornell, who led both Soundgarden and Audioslave to worldwide success, would have turned 53 today ( 20th )..

Queen's Dr. Brian May,PhD Has Orbited Sun 70 Times

In the last ten years or so three highly improbable goals have been achieved by Queen songwriter/guitarist Brian May. First off, he became Dr. Brian May, PhD in Astrophysics. "It was the hardest thing I've ever done. Several times I thought,…

Aerosmith- Permanent Vacation 30th Anniversary-Steven Tyler 8-7

The story of Aerosmith on the thirtieth anniversary of the multi-million seller Permanent Vacation  remains no less remarkable than the day it was released in August 1987, both for their phoenix-like reinvention as well as its depth of memorable…

Doobie Brothers-Toulouse Street 45th Anniversary-Tom Johnston,Pat Simmons,John Hartman

Doobie Brothers took up residence on Toulouse Street musically speaking in July 1972.

Simple Minds- Sanctify Yourself- Sydney 12-7-12

If you look up the definition of "humble beginnings" in your rock'n'roll dictionary, what you could very well see is a black and white photo dated July 17, 1978 of local lads on the tiny stage of the Satellite Club in Glasgow Scotland, performing…