J Geils Band- Full House 45th Anniversary- Peter Wolf

With the sad passing in April of namesake guitarist John "J." Geils,  it is only fitting that we throw down a J Geils Band house party of sound comprised of  their back-to-back two most popular studio albums of the '70s. Music writers loved…

Elton John-The Bitch is Back- Foxboro MA Stadium 9-6-93

Sir Elton John is surprisingly vital, exceedingly creative, and energetic as he is now poised with breaking seventy, clearly with a lot left in the tank,

John Mellencamp-Jack and Diane-Rehearsal 12-91

Christmas 1991 John Mellencamp rehearsing his band in his garage, literally, thus this performance of "Jack and Diane" is absolutely live, no overdubs.

Moody Blues- Long Distance Voyager- Justin Hayward,John Lodge

Demonstrating incredible "legs" into their third decade, we take the long distance trip back through time for the Moody Blues with the tasty Justin Hayward/ John Lodge album Blue Jays,  a post- #1  Seventh Sojourn   album side project ; Justin…

Elton John-Goodbye Yellow Brick Road pt 2-Elton,Bernie Taupin

Spending the eve before Elton John's 70th birthday listening to 2016's very solid album Wonderful Crazy Night , I had to wonder why almost everybody seems to be oblivious to the strong quality string of albums he continues to put out into the 21st century.

Elton John-Goodbye Yellow Brick Road-Elton,Bernie Taupin

1973 masterpiece Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is a virtual greatest hits package unto itself. Elton John & Bernie Taupin join me In the Studio.