Bon Jovi- Born to Be My Baby- acoustic 1988

The members of the band Bon Jovi were surfing the curl of rock stardom exactly thirty-five  years ago. The tsunami wave had been propagated two years earlier by  Slippery When Wet,  which had never stopped selling. They had graduated from journeymen support act to arena headliners, written another batch of songs, somehow found the time to record them, and were dropping the new album New Jersey  at summer’s end 1988When Dick Asher, the president of the record label to which Bon Jovi was signed, invited them to be his guests to see the New York Giants hosted by the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football, the boys in the band heartily agreed to fly with him to Big D. Getting their luggage loaded into their vehicles curbside at the Dallas/ Ft.Worth airport, however, another vehicle pinned the label executive between the two vehicles, fracturing his legs.

Asher nevertheless made arrangements to have attendants carry him to his seat in Texas Stadium BY STRETCHER and did not miss the Giants game! Somehow in all of the drama, Jon Bon Jovi remembered to slip me a cassette of this acoustic demo of “Born to Be My Baby”, which remained unreleased for decades. –Redbeard