We saw the endearing, lovable Jim Kerr, guitarist Charlie Burchill, and Simple Minds over the weekend perform in Dallas/ Ft.Worth, and even before entering the auditorium proper we were alerted to the explosive sounds of “Big Music” from the .44 Magnum snare of their current dynamo drummer Cherisse Osei. Fabulous show, never better in their thirty-five years.

 If you look up the definition of “humble beginnings” in your rock’n’roll dictionary, what you could very well see is a black and white photo dated July 17, 1978 of local lads on the tiny stage of the Satellite Club in Glasgow Scotland, performing together for the first time as Simple Minds. What a great band they would eventually become, and as you can hear from this performance of “Sanctify Yourself” in Sydney on their 2012 Australian tour, Simple Minds can still bring it live. – Redbeard