Sonny Landreth- Back to Bayou Teche- Dallas 1995

Dallas-based guitarist Andy Timmons, one of America’s finest guitarists, reminded me  of when Louisiana slide guitarist & singer Sonny Landreth brought his guitar & a little tweed amp about the size of a small suitcase into the Mexican restaurant where I was broadcasting my weekly Friday afternoon Q102 Dallas radio show back in 1995 . Sonny proceeded to play “Back to Bayou Teche” from his album South of I-10 with no band, no monitors, no stage, no lights, two microphones, & fajitas sizzling in the background. “Hot plate ,”  the waiters & waitresses always warn when serving up the regional favorite. Hot player indeed !

Years later, Timmons and I witnessed two of America’s greatest guitarists sharing one stage in Dallas September 2011, Landreth (who is  featured in Eric Clapton’s Crossroads 2013  dvd, and performed recently on the 2019 extravaganza in Dallas ) and Eric Johnson, and we visited backstage with each after a blizzard of guitar that was, at times, intoxicating. – Redbeard