For over four decades, Sammy Hagar has answered the bell and come out swinging: from co-writing and belting out the songs on that first classic Montrose album in 1973, to a decade of undercard matches night after night as a solo bandleader. Finally breaking through to an arena headliner in the mid-Eighties with million sellers Three Lock Box  and VOA  in 1984, Hagar got the love/hate job of fronting one of America’s biggest bands then, Van Halen. But Sammy Hagar had to provide a new solo album to his former record company to make the deal.

Simply titled Sammy Hagar upon release that Summer 1987, it has since been re-titled I Never Said Goodbye,  but the songs remain the same: the plea for the Red Rocker’s Golden Rule,  “Give to Live”; Top Gun training soundtrack “Eagles Fly”; and the affirmation of “Returning Home”. And since Three Lock Box is celebrating a 35th anniversary of its own, Sammy tees up “Two Sides of Love”,”Remember the Heroes“, and the crankin’ tune “Three Lock Box“. –Redbeard