Whitesnake ‘87- David Coverdale

For the architect of one of the best-selling hard rock albums in history, Whitesnake ’87 , here are some of the questions we posed to Whitesnake king cobra David Coverdale  In The Studio: what happens when the former Deep Purple and Whitesnake powerhouse singer is diagnosed with a chronic sinus infection midway through recording? What does a professional singer think and feel when presented with the daunting prospect of throat surgery that, at best, has 50/50 odds of being successful or destroying his livelihood? If a band falls in the forest and no one’s there, does it make a sound? And just how do you rock yourself out of $3 million in debt?

Hear the eyebrow-raising answers straight from the ‘Snake’s mouth, while rocking to the 1984 excellent “Slow and Easy”,  the #1 hit “Here I Go Again”, the hard rock juggernaut “Still of the Night”, and the primo bonus track “Looking for Love”, among others from the eponymous Whitesnake ’87  eight times platinum U.S. seller (15 million copies worldwide). – Redbeard