David Gilmour- Rattle That Lock

“I think that’s something that has been sinking slowly into my poor dull brain for the last twenty-something years,” admits David Gilmour when queried about 2015’s Rattle That Lock  solo album and the realization of  when writer and wife Polly Samsom went from contributor to his music to full on collaborator. “But I think I got it now, and I am better for it. The work that I produce is better for it, I don’t think there’s any question about that.”

Rattle That Lock  bravely shines a glaring white hot searchlight on some twenty-first century sore points as well as the timeless theme of Original Sin in John Milton’s Paradise Lost Book Two. Not exactly the stuff you’ll hear on Dancing with the Stars. Yet whether singing a second person ode to Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett penned almost fifty years ago by Roger Waters or a 2015 Polly Samson lyric from Rattle That Lock , David Gilmour has spent a lifetime masterfully interpreting the thoughts and feelings of others.

“It takes thought and concentration. You have to live and breath and believe the words you’re singing. With most of Roger’s very brilliant lyrics, and with Polly’s lyrics too, I find that I can do that. I hope that I do it justice. But it is something that you do often think about…With Roger there’s  a lot more agreement on things that he has written than you sometimes may have been led to believe,” Gilmour smiles.  –Redbeard