When he spearheaded the original VHS release of The Doors Live at the Hollyood Bowl   in 1987, the late Ray Manzarek did our first interview together in Dallas at Q102 prior to a premiere event. Afterwards Manzarek graciously invited me to his hotel suite where we continued our conversation in private. He was such a good storyteller that when we launched the In the Studio  weekly national radio series about fifteen months later, I wanted Ray to give the show instant credibility with another interview about The Doors‘  1967 debut album. 

So it was arranged for me to visit Manzarek’s tile-roofed stucco Beverly Hills home just a few blocks off Rodeo Drive.  I arrived about fifteen minutes late, only to be informed by his quiet-spoken wife Dorothy that when I had not shown up that Ray had second-guessed his instructions and headed to longtime biographer/ publicist Danny Sugerman’s place hoping to find me there. Returning home clearly annoyed, Ray accepted my sincere apology and appeared to shrug it off, ending up sitting for hours at his breakfast table next to a lovely oriental garden as the Doors co-founder regaled me in his rich baritone with rock campfire stories of Jim Morrison, Robbie Krieger, and John Densmore, complete with heroes, villains, Greek gods, and yes, ghosts. –Redbeard