Jethro Tull- The Zealot Gene- Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson remembers the exact moment when he began formulating Jethro Tull’s new heady concept album The Zealot Gene . “It was the morning of January 1st, 2017,” Anderson recalls. Not since Aqualung fully half a century ago had Ian addressed the historic  characters and iconography of the Old and New Testament Bible this head on, mixed with twentieth century and even current events, as on The Zealot Gene .

”And for those people who call themselves Christians, they live in hope of a ‘Netflix season three’ sometime in the future,” the Jethro Tull singer/ songwriter/flautist winks.”They’ve been waiting two thousand years for the next installment and it hasn’t come yet!” And as far as the intriguing album title The Zealot Gene , Ian Anderson explains his otherwise serious observations of a conflicted world thus: “We are all genetically predisposed to getting our collective knickers in a twist!” –Redbeard