John Mellencamp- Big Daddy 35th Anniversary 6-17

John Mellencamp joins me In the Studio for an unfiltered conversation about the songs "Pop Singer", the despairing "Jackie Brown", the Reagan Era pithy "Country Gentleman", and the terrific B-side cover of "Seventh Son" all to mark the thirty-fifth anniversary of 1989's "Big Daddy" next Monday.

John Mellencamp- The Lonesome Jubilee 35th anniversary

He had already influenced the sound of Pop music earlier in the Eighties by moving drummer Kenny Aronoff up front in the mix on the #1 hit "Jack and Diane" and "Hurt So Good", and with his ninth album "The Lonesome Jubilee" in August 1987, John Mellencamp not only influenced Pop and Rock but infiltrated the citadel sound of Nashville as well. Almost instantly, acts as diverse as Paul Simon and The Talking Heads took notice. John Mellencamp is my guest In the Studio.

John Mellencamp- Big Daddy

John Mellencamp interview "In the Studio" with Redbeard about 1989's "Big Daddy".