Boston- To Be a Man- Worcester 8-87

It had been such a "long time", almost seven years, since the band Boston had released a new album and toured that when Tom Scholz, Brad Delp, and Company returned to the concert stage headlining the 1987 Texxas Jam in front of 70,000 in the…

Boston- Third Stage 35th- Tom Scholz 9-20

By September 1986 when "Third Stage" by Boston ignited, many of us had thought that we would never see it lift off, its creative fuel siphoned off by a protracted injunction and lawsuit brought against bandleader Tom Scholz by his very own record company. Scholz is my guest the week of 9/20 to lay out in great detail this modern-day David vs Goliath battle which fundamentally changed the music business.

Boston- Holly Ann- Boston 8-16-87

This time in 1987 the home team was holed up in the Worcester suburbs of Boston midway through a ten-night stand when they performed the entire "Third Stage"  album front to back, capping that impressive song cycle with this stunning live "Holly Ann".