In The Studio Archives: Classic Rock Interview


These are the interviews from the most recent editions of the weekly national radio broadcast of In The Studio .

Fleetwood Mac-Tusk 35th anniversary-Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham

Imagine an entire season of the tv “reality series” show Survivor if it had been filmed in a locked down recording studio instead of a remote island, and with guitars instead of spears, and you have the story of Fleetwood Mac‘s 1979 double opus Tusk.  On the eve of Fleetwood Mac’s “On With...
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Fleetwood Mac-On With the Show Tour-Lindsey Buckingham,Stevie Nicks,Mick Fleetwood

To celebrate forty years since forming this line up, Fleetwood Mac is about to embark on a forty date North American tour, doing multiple nights in many of North America’s biggest cities, an unequivocal testament  to this specific band’s evergreen starpower. With singer/songwriter/vocalist Christine McVie on board once again, Fleetwood Mac is back...
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Queen-Live at the Rainbow ’74-Brian May, Roger Taylor

Forty years ago when a young London quartet called Queen headlined the venerable Rainbow Theater there, recording the performance on audio and film was a daunting task, both technologically and financially. Live recording was much more art than science then, with no do-overs, no digital tricks, nowhere to hide. Not that this tightly...
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AC/DC-Highway to Hell 35th anniversary- Angus Young, Malcolm Young

A decade before Guns’n’Roses MTV videos made tattoos into a fashion statement, I met AC/DC singer/ lyricist Bon Scott at my Memphis radio station ROCK 103 in late September 1979. Bon’s generous body art and ear studs, plus his affable demeanor, made Scott appear less like a rock singer and more like a...
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Kinks-Low Budget 35th Anniversary-Ray Davies

The Kinks were probably a lock for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction for their British Invasion Sixties output alone, but the middle 1970s were tough going for them until reclaiming their rock bona fides with a trifecta of revitalized rock on 1977’s Sleepwalker, 1978’s Misfits, and their biggest seller ever, Low...
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Alice Cooper-Mascara and Monsters-Best

Alice Cooper was the first rock star to fall to substance abuse…and survive. Think about it: Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Keith Moon, Elvis Presley. To 99% of us, the first indication that those titans of rock had a dangerous addiction was when we read the headlines that they were already dead. ...
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