In The Studio: Classic Rock Interview


These are the interviews from the most recent editions of the weekly national radio broadcast of In The Studio .

Genesis- Abacab 35th- Invisible Touch 30th Anniversaries- Phil, Mike, Tony

Between 1980 and 1986,the British trio Genesis released a series of four consecutive hit albums, each more successful than its predecessor by as many as five times ! Two of those Genesis albums, 1981's Abacab and 1986's Invisible Touch , are having significant 30th and 25th anniversaries,respectively . Because drummer/singer/songwriter Phil Collins had...
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Fleetwood Mac- Rumours- Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood

When California musical duo (and lovers) Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joined British blues-rock veteran band Fleetwood Mac, their first collaboration in 1975 (their "white album" ) sold more copies than any previous album in the long history of their label . No one was in any way prepared for this new...
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Rod Stewart- Every Picture Tells a Story 45th Anniversary

When the Jeff Beck Group made their American debut at New York City's Fillmore East , no one in the audience watching the young lead singer Rod Stewart, hiding behind the amps while singing due to major stage fright , could imagine that the raspy-throated rooster-haired Englishman would become an international star...
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Journey- Escape 35th Anniversary- Steve Perry- Neal Schon- Jonathan Cain

I first interviewed Chicago born-and-raised California transplant Jonathan Cain in Memphis in April 1979 after he joined The Babys as keyboard player, one of two new Americans in the London band fronted by John Waite. When they returned a year later as opening band on the entire 1980 Journey tour, I treated...
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Peter Gabriel- So 30th Anniversary

(cont)...It was not until stumbling into the broadcast media/entertainment business that I got to witness,up close and personally,individual musicians who have been given enormous powers of influence ,through the modern phenomenon of celebrity,by the very people who they entertain. Case in point is this week's classic rock interview : 25 years ago,ex-Genesis lead...
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Bob Seger- Live Bullet 40th Anniversary

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band‘s Live Bullet in Spring 1976 may be the only six million-seller in history which failed to make the Top Thirty in sales when initially released. It would not be until Seger’s breakthrough studio effort Night Moves in October that year, his tenth studio album by then,...
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The Cars- Moving in Stereo Best Of- Ric Ocasek, Greg Hawkes

The Cars‘ zero-to-platinum popularity came amidst the final fizzle of the mid-Seventies Punk Rock sparkler, and the sound and attitude that survived was labeled by at least one rock writer as the nebulous one-size-fits-none term New Wave. The drivetrain of the five man Boston band was always powered by the songs of Ric...
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Doors- L.A. Woman 45th Anniversary- the late Ray Manzarek

 In this classic rock interview with Doors co-founder/ keyboardist Ray Manzarek, we find that the dream of the 1967 Summer of Love, embodied by The Doors’ “Light My Fire“, had by 1971 run headlong into the reality of Richard Nixon’s America. Lead singer Jim Morrison had been arrested and eventually charged with lewdness...
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Jethro Tull- Aqualung 45th Anniversary- Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson‘s house is haunted. Or at least the Jethro Tull leader has good reason to believe that it’s haunted. Sitting in the dining room of the very old but modern-updated “Bucks” home in the English countryside for this interview for the  anniversary of 1971’s Aqualung album, we shared in  common the fact...
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