Allman Brothers Band-Midnight Rider- June 1992

The Allman Brothers Band may have officially called it a career, but much to our delight we see that Gregg Allman is still out there singing for his supper, so In the Studio Americana fan and folk artist Dan Taylor reported back from Gregg’s recent Dallas/ Ft.Worth show:”Opening with a great version of ‘Wasted Words’, ‘I’m No Angel‘ was  played early in the set but lagged a bit due to the guitarist seeming to be a bit out of his league. He did warm up on later tunes and seemed to play more relaxed and less tentatively as the night went on. The rest of the band more than made up for it on songs like‘ Dreams’ , which was a great extended jazzy version. ‘Please Call Home’ was another stand out on which Gregg sounded as good as he has in decades. allman-greg-tour-2015-sans-doobie-brothers-330x490

They also did a really slinky version of ‘Stand Back’,
and an unusual version of ‘Whipping Post’ midway into the set that started without the signature bass line but ended up a fiery spacey progressive jazz work out. Very enjoyable. Gregg broke out the acoustic guitar for a fine version of ‘Melissa’ and also for a superb ‘Midnight Rider‘ in which he reverted to the Laid Back solo version rather than the latter day Allmans version. I found it to be excellent with Gregg really delivering on vocals and guitar, my favorite of the night.

Allman closed out the evening with a fine version of ‘One Way Out‘, all band members were smoking on this track. And Gregg’s vocals again were as good as I’ve heard him.
Gregg’s still got plenty in the tank and is not content just to be an Allman Brothers oldie machine. His different arrangements and eclectic old blues covers keep it fresh. It’s obvious he has a passion for the music…
and is still the ‘Midnight Rider’.”-Dan Taylor ALLMAN-GREG-06670_show_landscape_large_01