Talking Heads ’77- 40th Anniversary- David Byrne, Jerry Harrison

In 2002, their first year of eligibility, the Talking Heads were elected into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. No wonder: the following year many of the same music industry people would  place no less than four Talking Heads albums onto Rolling Stone magazine’s Top 500 Albums of All Time list. A casual perusal of the band’s discography on reveals more stars than a Texas sky on a clear night. Jeff Gold‘s  sumptuous coffee table tome 101 Essential Rock Records   devotes two whole pages to their debut Talking Heads :77 , which was released forty years ago this week.

Singer/songwriter David Byrne and keyboard/guitarist Jerry Harrison join me In the Studio on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of Talking Heads’ essential debut for the stories behind the riveting tension of “Psycho Killer”, the terrific cover of Al Green/ Teenie Hodges’ “Take Me to the River” from More Songs About Buildings and Food,  the pulsing pre-9/11 domestic terrorism in “Life During Wartime”, the MTV video classic “Once in a Life Time”,”Burning Down the House” and “Girlfriend is Better” from the brilliant 1983 breakthrough Speaking in Tongues“And She Was” from 1985’s Little Creatures,  and “Wild Wild Life” from True Stories. – Redbeard