...By the time this session occurred I had already interviewed Rush bass guitarist/singer Geddy Lee twice , so I was reasonably confident on what to expect . Regarding his earliest recollections of music while growing up , imagine my shock when Lee (family name Weinrib) matter-of-factly answered my first question by replying ,” I came from a family of immigrants , basically . My parents survived the Holocaust in Poland , and then married after the war and moved to Canada . I was basically brought up in a household that had survived turbulent times , to say the least , so there was a total rebuilding in a new country , in a new culture , & trying to adapt . Music wasn’t a prevalent and over-riding thing in our family . Both of my parents have a number tattooed on their wrists from the concentration camp . ” ...(more)

Melissa Etheridge-The Awakening pt2

This is the conclusion of the Melissa Etheridge interview regarding her first album as a cancer survivor, The Awakening, from 2007 [jwplayer config="Audio Player" file="http://its-interviews.s3.amazonaws.com/melissa-etheridge-the-awakening-pt2.mp3"…

Melissa Etheridge

I can honestly say that , in over twenty-two years of the In The Studio program series , no conversation has been more important than this one with breast cancer survivor Melissa Etheridge...(more)

Carlos Santana

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and Grammy Award record-holder Carlos Santana is skeptical of the NFL's observance of "Hispanic Heritage Month" . Redbeard: What role do you think the first two Santana albums played in our American culture in the last half of the twentieth century as far as diversity ? Carlos Santana : Thank you for asking that question. The first Santana was “Richie Valens” . The first Santana was “Jose Feliciano”. When Selena went to the roof of her house and they said, “Hey Selena, what are you doing up there?”, and she said , “I carry the dreams and aspirations of my people. I represent all those people who pick up the grapes, who clean toilets, who change sheets, who baby sit, who garden. I represent all of those people, not just Mexicans, but everyone from Filipinos to everyone who doesn’t have a voice here in the United States.”...(more)

Steve Miller-Early Best + Bingo!

I had said in the liner notes where I was talking about one of the songs and I just said ,' it reminds me of ya know Brave New World and Sailor when I was working on my guitar parts '. And what I did then and what I did on this record. So, it is similar, I think and it’s been a very fun project to get excited about playing lead guitar on a record...(To read the entire 1-hour interview,click the link below)

Jerry Lee Lewis

Memphis circa 1986

Graham Parker-Back to School Days-Dallas 10-88

Since Graham Parker's Squeezing Out Sparks  is one of my personal "desert island discs", imagine my delight when GP showed up with an acoustic guitar at Dallas radio station Q102 in October 1988!- Redbeard [jwplayer config="Audio Player" file="http://its-live.s3.amazonaws.com/LIVE-graham-parker-back-to-school-days.mp3"…

Gary Hoey-Hocus Pocus/ Stranglehold- Dallas 10-93

Guitarslinger Gary Hoey showed up at my Friday remote broadcast on Dallas/Ft.Worth radio Q102 in October 1993, and he brought his guitar and effects rack to play live. Gary played a medley of the Dutch band Focus hit from twenty years earlier,"Hocus…

James Taylor "Carolina on My Mind" Dallas 8-93

Congratulations to Kennedy Center Honors recipient  James Taylor! The news that he was coming to perform live on my Dallas/Ft.Worth Q102 radio show vibrated through our staff like a tuning fork. For me, James Taylor's music was the soundtrack…

Graham Parker-You Can't Be Too Strong-Dallas 10-88

Regardless of where you now stand on the issue of legalized abortion, I think we all would agree that this touching, tender, yet honest song from Graham Parker's 1979 masterpiece Squeezing Out Sparks (#331 on Rolling Stone's Top 500 Albums of…