Bad Company- Desolation Angels- Paul Rodgers, Mick Ralphs, Simon Kirke

Five years after their 1974 debut album made them a “super group”, there was real concern that Bad Company had augered in with a collective faceplant due to a dearth of strong material and sheer exhaustion from a non-stop cycle of recording and touring. After three consecutive million-sellers in as many years, the British foursome consisting of of ex-Mott the Hoople guitarist Mick Ralphs, King Crimson bass player Boz Burrell, and Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke who had been half of blues-rockers Free, they all were as Rodgers told me, “burnt” by the time they recorded 1977’s disappointing Burnin’ Sky album.

After a much needed two year hiatus Bad Company re-emerged with their strongest batch of songs since that impressive debut, including the electrifying “Rock’n’Roll Fantasy”,”Evil Wind”, and “Crazy Circles” all from Paul Rodgers chronicling life on tour; Burrell’s simple groove on “Gone, Gone, Gone”; and the mid-tempo rocker “Oh Atlanta” from Ralphs. My guests In the Studio Rodgers, Ralphs, and Simon Kirke share a humorous, touching tribute to the late Boz Burrell, plus you will hear the original Bad Company’s final recording “Hammer of Love”.

Now comes word that Mick Ralphs has suffered a stroke last Friday ( 4th ) and is in hospital in London. Our prayers are that Mick recovers fully, he has always been a sweet bloke to all that know him. –Redbeard



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