Talking Heads- Once in a Lifetime- Tokyo Feb 1981

The Talking Heads recorded a series of quirky, smart, and challenging albums from the debut Talking Heads ’77   up through Remain in Light,  leaving a trail of musical bread crumbs for the mainstream to follow from the late 1970s into a new decade. But it was that lengthy 1980-81 tour where many of us caught up to the innovation of guitarist/ singer David Byrne,  keyboardist/ guitarist Jerry Harrison, pixie bass player Tina Weymouth, and drummer Chris Franz. Here is the expanded tour band featuring ex-David Bowie lead guitarist Adrian Belew performing “Once in a Lifetime” in Tokyo  a couple of years before it would become a legendary video on MTV. –Redbeard 

Tina Weymouth ( l ) onstage with Adrian Belew. talking-heads-tina-adrian-50419882