Creed- My Own Prison 25th anniversary

If you wanted a representative example of the state of the music business at the close of the twentieth century, a prime case study would be the debut My Own Prison by Creed. Four college buds from Tallahassee FL recording in between shifts working at the car wash and cooking at Chili’s and Ruby Tuesday’s resulted in a miniscule studio tab of only $6000, with a return-on-investment of three million copies sold in just sixteen months. Over the next decade that number would double in just the US, while estimated worldwide sales of Creed’s My Own Prison are now over fifteen million copies, making it one of the biggest selling debut albums ever.

On My Own Prison‘s twenty-fifth anniversary of “Torn”,”What’s This Life For?”, “One”, and the title song, here is my charming conversation with lead singer/ lyricist Scott Stapp, guitarist/songwriter Mark Tremonti, drummer Scott Phillips, and original bass guitarist Brian Marshall from December 1998. –Redbeard