Moody Blues- Long Distance Voyager- Justin Hayward, John Lodge

After scoring a worldwide #1 seller with Seventh Sojourn in 1972, then spending the next two years mounting the largest concert tour in history at the time, the Moody Blues baffled everyone by taking practically the rest of the Seventies off as a collective. To fill in the missing piece of the puzzle of their #1 selling album Long Distance Voyager, Moody Blues lifers Justin Hayward and John Lodge are my guests here In the Studio.
Officially the Moody Blues franchise may have been sidelined for the mid-Seventies, but that doesn’t mean great music wasn’t being made by various members. You’ll hear “This Morning” from the  tasty Justin Hayward/ John Lodge 1975 album Blue Jays;  Justin Hayward’s sublime “Forever Autumn” from Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds  in 1978; plus the Octave   album that year  which was the last straw for original keyboard player Mike Pinder; the strong #1 selling comeback in 1981, Long Distance Voyager

the Top 10 The Other Side of Life   in 1986; and Sur La Mer  from 1988 with the thrilling Justin Hayward composition “I Know You’re Out There Somewhere”.  –Redbeard