Reportedly Paul McCartney‘s  Summer Olympics opening ceremony performance broadcast a few years ago on television worldwide netted Sir Paul one English pound Sterling, about $1.68.

Very few things other than the news are actually shown “live” on television. Even the late-night shows which appear to be live have been pre-recorded earlier in the day to allow mistakes & lapses in continuity to be edited out, which is precisely why I have always been fascinated by Paul McCartney‘s decision, when performing on the taped MTV series Unplugged , to leave in this aborted first attempt at “We Can Work It Out “ when he had admittedly clearly forgotten the words. Trust me, this happens to actors, singers, newscasters, & deejays all the time, but with opportunity available to edit it out, I can’t recall anyone with enough of McCartney’s poise, confidence, & the knowledge that the studio audience is totally with him to leave it in.

Rock and roll’s combination Dorian Grey and the Energizer Bunny, Paul McCartney, is a force of nature. Even if you have seen the iconic former Beatle/ Wings master entertainer before, don’t take this rock ambassador for granted, get some tickets for the current Freshen Up tour and count yourself blessed. – Redbeard