YES- Talk 30th Anniversary- Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin

Before their 1994 album Talk was even released, YES co-founder/singer Jon Anderson and band spark plug Trevor Rabin came to my Q102 afternoon radio show in Dallas/ Ft.Worth to hand-deliver  and talk about it. The album underwent a two-year production at Trevor Rabin’s home in a technologically groundbreaking manner, being the first major release recorded entirely on a computer-based recording system. Jon Anderson estimates in this interview that Rabin alone spent 13,000 hours making the Talk  album!

Ten years earlier Anderson had rejoined YES with new life infused into the dormant band by Rabin on their biggest seller ever 90125 , but music trends were undergoing another seismic shift by the time the two-year effort finally came out, with Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden understandably grabbing the music media’s attention.  Some YES fans feel that songs such as “The Calling”, “I Am Waiting”,”State of Play”, and the epic “Endless Dream” remain under-exposed. This time, though, unlike the late 1970s when the Punk Rock wave capsized YES for a long five year period, the band knew that they had a sizable, ardent, loyal international following that has proven never to abandon them over nearly five decades of progressive rock.


To mark its thirtieth anniversary, Jon Anderson( above) and Trevor Rabin (left) join me In the Studio to talk about Talk. –Redbeard