Santana- Supernatural

In this  classic rock interview with Grammy record-holder and Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famer Carlos Santana, he shares some revealing, highly personal thoughts about: how the 1999 album Supernatural‘s success, with nine Grammys (the most in history) and over 15 million in sales, changed his dreams about what is possible; the first album he ever bought, by his favorite band ever; what Frank Sinatra and Miles Davis taught him; why erotic talk in bed is better than Viagra; and on the issue of  DACA immigration reform, Carlos calls out everybody from FOX News to intractable Republicans in Congress.







Carlos Santana (below left) was lauded by the President of the United States Barack Obama as a 2013 Kennedy Center honoree for both Santana’s musical and humanitarian accomplishments in enriching our lives. –Redbeard